Indianapolis Soldiers and Sailors Monument Painting
Monument 30x40 oil/panel (sold)

Indianapolis Painting

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Monument is one of my largest paintings to date. I worked on it off and on for one year, and as usual it is all about the light. Someone once asked me why I include paintings of cityscapes in my portfolio since I consider myself a landscape painter first and foremost. I replied, "These are my canyons filled with reflected light and drama.

The day I saw my inspiration for the painting was early in the morning, and the warmth of the sun bounced off of tall buildings as the cars and people started to fill the streets. The light on the monument's stone glowed as the sun rose and dominated the contrasts for the scene. Cars, city lights and people wearing their Colts jerseys made their way across the streets to breakfast or shopping before the game later that day.

Some framing photos:
  • Floater frame
    Finishing Floater Frame
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monument
    In floater frame
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